Used ISO Tanks

Transport of Dangerous Goods

We always have a stock of tanks which are tested and certified for the carriage of dangerous good by road, rail, or sea. Available for hire or sale, naturally, these are the most expensive ISO Tanks we have in our depot.

One of our tanks, thoroughly refurbished and tested for multimodal transport (Road, Rail and Sea), currently out on hire.

Tanktainers for For Storage!

Whilst no longer used for the transport of liquids, thousands of used tank containers are now used for storage. Each is a ready made, strong, stainless steel container securely held in a steel frame. Immediately available, it can be placed in a required location to be used for the storage of liquids. ISO tanks generally range in capacity from 21,000 – 26,000 litres, or even larger if the tank extends beyond the ends of the frame, and an ISO Tank (Tanktainer) can give a temporary or longer term solution for storage of liquids.

If you wish, you can rent an ISO Tank Container from Qualitank Services short term while you determine the viability of using ISO Tank Containers for your needs. Then, if the trial is successful, we can deduct some of the hire charges and you can make an outright purchase.

Older tank, which we may not refurbish for transport certification, but which is still great for storing liquids.

Pilot Plant?

Our Isotainer tanks have been placed in pilot plants where using ISO Tank(s) allowed the rapid construction and testing of a pilot plant before committing to the expense of a full scale plant.

The possible uses for ISO Tanks is almost limitless. Why not call 0151 495 1116 or use the contact form for an obligation free discussion?