Old ISO Tanks For Liquid Storage

Tanks can reach the end their useful life for transporting liquids and yet still have a fully functional stainless steel cylinder at their heart. These tanks are often used simply as ISO Tanks for storage for non corrosive liquids, for example, waste water. They may not look pretty, but from time to time we have a customer who simply wants an old tank to store liquid. Talk to us and we can see if we have such tanks available.

It looks battered, but it’s spotlessly clean inside and can save thousands of pounds for someone just wanting storage for liquids.

ISO Tanks Available for Storage Now….

Below is an ISO Tank in our depot which has a badly corroded frame but a spotless tank inside. We used to dispose of tanks like this as scrap but found that there was a market where they met a need for a stainless steel storage tank without a strong frame, an ISO Tank for storage, thereby saving our customers thousands of pounds. This tank has been acid washed and pressure tested to 21psi. If located indoors it is a cheap storage container. Contact us if interested in this or one like it.

We have other tanks which still look nice yet we do not consider worth refurbishing to transport standards. Get in touch if you are looking for such a tank.

Example Uses

The potential uses for a used ISO Tank are only limited by the imagination.

  • Spring Water
  • Waste Oil
  • Diesel
  • Waste Water
  • Temporary Storage for other Liquids
  • Slurry
  • Fertiliser