Modifying ISO Tanks

Electric Heating System

The most common way of modifying ISO tanks for us involves adding an external heating system. As standard most ISO Tank Containers come with heating coils welded to the tank. These are used to circulate an external supply of steam to heat the contents of the tank. If steam is unavailable, just so long as 3 phase electricity is available, we can fit an external heater that pumps heated glycol around the steam coils. Below is a 25,000 Litre ISO Tank with a 12KW Glycol heater fitted.

Level Sensor/Alarm

Our ISO Tank Containers are often used in a static location and connected up to equipment to stop/start pumps or other ancillary equipment. We can modify the tank and fit the relevant sensors to allow automatic control of external equipment. The tank above has a simple overfill alarm fitted.

Handrails and Walkways

Increasingly, health and safety concerns mean our customers need a collapsible handrail fitted . The above tank has a collapsible handrail in the raised position.

Bottom Loading and Discharge

Modifying ISO tanks may mean we fit piping and valves so the tank operator does not have to leave the ground for loading or discharging. Using compressed air the ISO Tank can be pressurised to pump the contents out through modified pipework.

Health and safety regulations may mean that no-one is allowed on top of the ISO tank. For simple emptying of the contents of the tank, the top air inlet can be re-routed so the air inlet valve is at ground and level no employee need go on top of the tank when the load is being discharged.

For any of these or other modification you may require on your ISO Tank email us at or please use the contact form and we will happily discuss/advise regarding your needs.