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Repairs, modifications and testing, can be performed at our small, but modern & well-equipped facility in the UK.

Even after paying for transport, this is cost-effective, and there is the added benefit of tighter quality control. At Qualitank, integrity, quality, flexibility & innovation are stressed. These same principles are applied in dealings with suppliers.

Just as almost every construction site in the world has a dry-box container being used as a store, so Qualitank believes that every chemical and foodstuffs plant will soon have at least one tank-container enjoying a new life as a process vessel or storage tank!

In 10 years, Qualitank has grown to a multi-million-dollar business exporting to more than 30 countries, and expect the growth rate to be similar in future. In late 1999, a second site was opened in Moerdijk, Holland, where we share premises and facilities with Schouten Container Services, one of the largest Reefer & Dry-box traders in Europe. At this site, as in U.K., we hold stocks of around 100 units.

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Qualitank pride our selfs on keeping our ISO container tanks in the best possible condition, but should you find that your tank requires a repair, we are able to perform the following tasks:

  • Complete frame replacement
  • Frame repairs
  • Recalibration
  • Relief valves recalibrated or replaced
  • A full vacuum repair


A variety of modifications and customisation can be achieved on your ISO container tank. For example:

  • Linings
  • Electric heating and cooling systems
  • Accessories
  • Custom modification
  • Technical consulting
  • Tank and frame cleaning and repainting
  • New decals and branding


Before we sell any container tank, a test of the tank shall include a check of the design characteristics, an internal and external examination and its fittings with due regard to the substances to be transported, and a pressure test. Even though our tanks are used, we only offer the best condition after rigorous testing by experienced engineers.

Before the container tank is placed into service, a leakproofness test and a test of the satisfactory operation of all service equipment shall also be performed. When the shell and its fittings have been pressure-tested separately, they shall be subjected together after assembly to a leakproofness test.

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